Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers’ Association History

The Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers’ Association (SADA) is a non-profit membership organization representing the franchised new car and truck dealers in Saskatchewan.

With the start of automobile industry and dealerships opening up in the province, dealers began to get together to discuss this new industry.In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, the dealers had already begun coming together to discuss common areas of interest, issues within this new industry and government. In 1942, the dealers elected Jack Gordon as its first Chairman. In 1966 the Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers’ Association became a non-profit corporation. The Association’s volunteer Board is comprised of regional members representing members throughout the province of all the manufacturing franchise groups.

In 1958 at the Annual General Meeting, the members developed a Code of Ethics to promote a strong community awareness which includes: pricing our products and our services fairly; allowing fair and reasonable prices for used vehicles offered in trade; properly inspect and service all vehicles before delivery to our customers; provide facilities, personnel and stock of replacement parts; adequate to properly service the vehicles we sell; to accurately represent and advertise our merchandise and services; to furnish the lowest finance and insurance charges consistent with sound business; and to support programs designed to promote adequate highways and traffic safety.

20 years ago, there were 15 manufactures distributing 136 models of vehicles. Today, there are 24 manufacturers distributing 200 plus models.

There are a total of 141 new car franchises in Saskatchewan, with 88% of those dealerships being voluntary members of SADA. SADA's Membership, collectively, has an annual payroll of over $125 million. Our members pay annual property taxes of over $3.8 million. They collect over $40 million in provincial tax each year.

A typical dealership employs 25 persons and sells 400 new vehicles a year. Large dealerships can employ 200 persons. Those interested in the automotive industry have a wide variety of positions to match their interests and abilities. At a dealership, positions are available for technicians, mechanics, body and detailing, administrative, receptionists, marketing, accounting, etc. Dealers promote training, provide comprehensive benefits, and competitive salaries. Dealers look to have highly skilled and trained service-oriented and dedicated people to work at their dealerships.

For those interested, Canada has its own automotive degree program through the Georgian College in Ontario. Now students wanting an education and career in the automobile industry can stay in Canada and have the support system to achieve their goals.

The dealer in your community personally invests money and provides local employment. The dealer is active in local organizations and helps the community, as well as the business, to grow and prosper. Dealers are very involved in their local charities, hospitals, sports and cultural organizations, many sitting on these boards. SADA has a long-term relationship as being a major supporter of various charities, specifically Camp Easter Seal at Lake Manitou and Saskatchewan Special Olympics in the past. Our annual convention includes fundraising for our annual charity of choice. In addition to what our Association and its regional groups’ sponsorship, our members contribute, on average, $40,000 plus ,individually, annually to their local charitable organizations, cultural and sports activities.

A typical dealer will have $4 million invested in his dealership, comprising land, buildings, and equipment…plus vehicle and parts inventory. In addition, the dealership requires working capital of some $300,000 plus for payroll, accounts receivable, prepaid expenses, etc.

Through voluntary membership, the Association Dealer members and Associate members receive:

  • The ability to participate in national programs and services through CADA, the national voice on behalf of the province association, such as group federal government, industry relations, Georgian College and employee benefits and insurance programs.
  • Motor Safety Association Board representation with a direct communications link to Workers Compensation. It also includes auto safety training programs, occupational health and safety training, consultations to help eliminate on the job injuries and to meet the ever-changing regulations.
  • Sask Scrap Tire Corp. (SSTC) Board representation and administration of its group’s remittances as a member service.
  • The Association keeps a close working relationship with Saskatchewan Justice, consumer protection branch, who administers the Motor Dealers’ Act, dealer licensing, and consumer complains. With all the changes over the past number of years, the Motor Dealers Act will need to be updated to include today’s standards and for the protection of the consumer and dealer, alike. We currently have a committee to work with Justice when we are finally presented with that change.
  • The Association keeps a close working relationship with SGI, as well. In conjunction with the Sask Association of Automotive Repairers, we have discussions with SGI to implement the Body Shop Labour Rate Fee and Policy changes.
  • The SADA office consists of a small staff, currently existing of the Executive Director, Susan Buckle. The SADA office is dedicated and committed to providing quality services to its members. The general office hours of the SADA office are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • The Association is continually revitalizing itself to continue its 60 plus years of tradition, meeting the challenges of the rapidly changing times, and providing its members with the best services and up to date industry information.
  • The association office works to safeguard the interest of the membership at the provincial level from the perspective of government and industry relations, and provides member services that will both support and enhance their business.

Code of Ethics

  • To price our products and our services fairly, based upon our costs, plus a reasonable profit.
  • To allow fair and reasonable prices for used vehicles offered in trade.
  • To properly inspect and service all vehicles before delivery to our customers.
  • To provide facilities, personnel and stock of replacement parts, adequate to properly service the vehicles we sell.
  • To accurately represent and advertise our merchandise and services.
  • To furnish the lowest finance and insurance charges consistent with sound business.
  • To support programs designed to promote adequate highways and traffic safety.

- Endorsed at the Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers Association Annual Meeting in Regina, January 8th, 1958.

Our Mission Statement

To deal with the issues of a provincial nature which affect the franchised automobile and truck dealers in Saskatchewan and work closely with CADA on items of a national nature.

Our Statement of Purpose

  • To provide a medium through which members may advance their views of subjects of common interest
  • To provide a medium through which the members may advance the interests of the motoring public
  • To foster, promote and encourage by all lawful and proper means the common interests of its members.
  • To foster and encourage the highest standard of business ethics among its members.


  • Send out regular newsletters providing valuable information, timely up-dates, etc.
  • Organize annual general Meeting/Convention
  • Organize annual fundraising events
  • Involvement in the negotiations on its members behalf with: SGI (labour rates, material rates, etc.), WCB, Government Departments
  • Carries out liaison activity with our national, other provincial, and our regional associations

Our Charity